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Social & Behavioral
Health Coaching 

For Kids & Teens

Being different is part of who you are and a strength to be leveraged.

We all think differently. Having a uniquely wired brain is a gift and a natural variation of the human genome that should be celebrated, not masked or viewed through the lens of disorder or deficit.​

Child Model
Child Model

You belong.
Right here.
Right now.
Exactly as you are. 

Knowing and accepting yourself is the foundation of true belonging. When you embrace your authentic self, you will attract genuine connections with others.

Are you ready?

The world needs who YOU were made to be.

Discover your identity.

Embrace your uniqueness.

Be proud of your differences.

Find your tribe and make lasting friendships.

Step into your power and write your own story.​

Transform self-doubt into self-determination.

Be fearless in the pursuit of being who you are.


I use a strengths-based approach to find what energizes and motivates my clients. I help them build up their core, take off their mask, embrace their true self, and shine with confidence as they interact with others and the world around them.

Kristen Myers

Coach  |  Mental Health Advocate  |  Mom On A Mission

As an expert in psychiatric-mental health nursing, a certified autism specialist, and a staunch advocate for mental health, my mission is to illuminate the path to self-discovery and social connectedness for people who see the world differently.


Words From Joyful Clients

"Kristen’s approach is the most humanizing and practical one I’ve seen for empowering a person with autism."

"Kristen’s approach is the most humanizing and practical one I’ve seen for empowering a person with autism. My child has a strong independent personality and her sessions make him feel in control."

~Jenny G.

What I Stand For...


I believe in being real, honest, and genuine in every aspect of my work. I strive to create an inclusive environment where clients can be their true selves. I understand individual needs and tailor my approach to meet those needs. I offer a safe, welcoming place to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences openly.


I recognize and appreciate the diverse personalities of the children and families I work with. I understand that each client brings their own set of traits, preferences, and ways of interacting with the world, and these differences are a source of strength and richness. I meet you where you are and help you grow in a way that respects your individuality.


I value the distinct qualities and backgrounds of every child and family I encounter. I aim to honor your specific needs and personality, fostering growth in a way that is uniquely suited to you. Your uniqueness is a cornerstone of our work together, and I will help you navigate this journey in a way that stays true to who you are.

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