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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Social Coach?

A social coach is a professional who specializes in helping individuals improve their communication and interpersonal skills. They work with people to identify personal strengths and areas where they would like to grow or improve. They provide guidance, feedback, and strategies to help them become more effective communicators. Their ultimate goal is to help their clients build more positive and fulfilling social interactions in their personal and professional lives.

Is coaching the same as therapy or counseling?

They are not the same, but there are similarities. I like to say that if therapy is the "why" then coaching is the "how." 

Coaching is a solution-based, goal-oriented approach to positive living, emphasizing self-discovery, personal growth, and overcoming roadblocks or barriers to achieving your goals. Diagnosing, treating, and prescribing are NOT part of coaching.

Therapy involves a greater emphasis on understanding the self, healing deep emotional issues, and crisis management. Therapy involves diagnosis and treatment of specific mental health conditions and disorders.


Here's an example to illustrate the difference:
If your child or teen is struggling with making friends, coaching would help them learn the tools and techniques in making friends, maintaining healthy relationships and managing conflicts.  Therapy, in addition to teaching peer relationship skills, would provide the opportunity to process the feelings connected to the situation (e.g., the anxiety in meeting new people or the sadness of being excluded).

Do you accept insurance?

No, I do not accept insurance. I use Stripe to process payments. With Stripe, you can choose any credit card, Apple Pay, or Affirm to pay over time.

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