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I specialize in working with children and teens with autism, ADHD, social anxiety, and other social or behavioral health concerns, to make present and future enhancements to their self-esteem, behaviors, social skills, executive functioning, and how they view themselves, friendships, relationships, and the world around them.


My person-centered, strengths-based approach prioritizes authenticity, uniqueness, and personality over uniformity and conformity. I meet my clients where they are and help them shed the mask(s) they've been wearing, revealing who they really are at their core.

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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a dynamic and supportive intervention that complements traditional treatments like medication and psychotherapy, as well as other non-pharmacological approaches. It focuses on the present—helping individuals identify where they are, where they wish to be, and the steps necessary to get there. Coaches provide encouragement, insightful feedback, and practical strategies to tackle specific challenges, fostering personal growth and excellence.

While coaching recognizes the biological aspects of mental health conditions, it does not aim to treat or heal these conditions—that’s the realm of psychotherapy. Instead, coaching strategically addresses the academic, vocational, emotional, and interpersonal challenges that stem from these symptoms, empowering clients to navigate their lives more effectively.

Regular meetings and check-ins are an essential part of the coaching process.

My Approach

Your journey is unique. Your coaching should be too. I customize my approach to meet every client's specific needs. There's no cookie-cutter stuff happening here! I provide a humanistic, judgment-free zone where they can explore their feelings, challenges, and aspirations openly. I focus on strengths and will help them use them to bolster other areas of their life where they are feeling less confident or less authentic. 

My goal is to help your child embrace their individuality, personality, and uniqueness and equip them with the skills and confidence needed to navigate life's challenges.

I help my clients and parents stay present-focused and future-oriented. Together, we set a "big" goal for something we want to change or achieve. I help break that goal down into smaller stepping stones and together we begin to walk down that path, achieving one small step at a time.  

Coaching children and adolescents involves working simultaneously or exclusively with parents so they can better understand and help their child cope with whatever challenges they are facing. 


We will focus on the what and how -- how to take action right now, in this present moment, to do what it takes to reach your goal. As your child's coach, I help remove barriers to success and identify specific behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs that could be holding them back from reaching their full potential.

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Celebrate the differences that make you, YOU.

Areas of Focus

As a Behavioral Health Coach with an extensive background working in psychiatric-mental health, I am able to support my clients in many areas of social, emotional, and behavioral health. Examples of areas that I work with include:

Self-Concept: Perceptions, beliefs, and feelings about yourself, including self-esteem, self-efficacy, and the sense of belonging. These are essential for social connectedness and a positive self-concept that supports emotional and social well-being.

Social Skills: Skills needed for successful social interactions, including communication skills, listening skills, the ability to initiate and maintain conversations, understanding social cues, and adapting behavior in various social contexts.


Executive Functioning: Skills that help you manage time, prioritize tasks, switch focus, plan and organize, remember instructions, and follow directions. These skills are essential for goal-directed behavior, problem-solving, and making decisions.


Emotional Awareness: The ability to recognize and understand your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. This includes identifying feelings accurately, understanding the causes of emotions, and recognizing the difference between feelings and actions.

Emotional Regulation: The ability to manage and respond to an emotional experience in an adaptive and appropriate manner. This involves strategies to control intense emotions and adjust emotions to match the demands of different social situations.

Relationship Skills: The ability to form and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships with diverse individuals and groups. This includes the capacity for empathy, building trust, cooperation, resolving conflicts, and seeking and offering help when needed.

Emotional and Social Support: The presence and quality of social support networks, including family, friends, and community resources. 

Other specific needs I have worked with include:

  • Self-acceptance

  • Identifying personal strengths

  • Making and keeping friends

  • Conversational skills 

  • Handling arguments and disagreements 

  • Handling bullying, teasing, and rejection

  • Social safety​ and awareness

  • Recognizing and interpreting social cues

  • Self-advocacy

  • Perfectionism and being flexible

  • Executive functioning

  • Planning, prioritizing, and organizing

  • Decision-making

  • Preparing for college

  • Career exploration

  • Life skills for independent living

  • Preparing for a job interview

  • Understanding an existing diagnosis

  • Understanding your medications

  • And more...

Ready to see if Coaching is right for you? Let's talk!

Book a Free Consultation with me to discuss your unique situation and needs.


Or, skip the consultation and book a Test Drive to try out one of my coaching sessions for a reduced price. 

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